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Insider Trading Stock Screener

Insider Transactions Stock Screener Many investors have heard the term Insider trading and usually associate it with illegal conduct. The term itself insider trading can mean either legal or illegal conduct. The legal version of insider trading is when corporate insiders (officers, directors, and beneficiary owners) buy and sell stock in their own companies. When corporate insiders trade their own securities, they must report their transactions to the Security & Exchange Commission.

We retrieve these insider trading transactions, and save them to our database. We then screen the insider trading transactions using our proprietary stock screener. We then display the screened insider trading transactions for you to review. We do all of this real-time, which gives you a real advantage in finding undervalued stocks before others do. Take a guided tour of our insider trading stock screener given by "The market Bull" to see how our insider trading stock screener works to find you undervalued stocks.


Try our Free proprietary insider trading transactions stock screener which finds undervalued stocks when you sign up for a one year subscription. We offer 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on our insider trading stock screener. We offer two levels of subscriptions to our insider trading stock screener, they are monthly($8.95) and yearly($59.95). Insider Trading Stock ScreenerIf our Insider Trading Stock Screener can't find you an undervalued stock, we will refund your subscription payment.



"Insiders might sell their shares for any number of reasons,
but they buy them for only one:
They think the price will rise
- Peter Lynch strongly believes the above quote about insider trading is the key to trading profitably every time.

We screen insider trading transactions real-time to find undervalued stocks. Sign Up now for a Free Trial !!


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